How to ensure a safe visit

This site will be updated with the most recent information. Last updated Aug 19, 2020

Your safety is our priority.

On this page you will find information on practises and instructions about visiting Tampere Hall. We follow guidelines and safety recommendations given by the authorities so that you can visit us safely. Only by acting together and by following the precautions we can enjoy events and concerts safely. Thank you for your cooperation!


Our premises and contact surfaces have been given a long-lasting, self-disinfecting photocatalytic coating. Cleaning procedures have been enhanced, and numerous hand sanitizer dispensers and hand washing facilities are available.

Please remember the importance of hand and coughing hygiene as well as safety distances. Stay at home if you feel unwell. We encourage you to avoid shaking hands or hugging.

Face mask

We encourage our guests to wear a face mask. The staff of the Tampere Hall uses face shields when serving our customers.

Distancing measures

The large and open spaces in our lobby and event areas allow us to practice social distancing and other necessary distancing measures in the Tampere Hall and during its events. We will do our utmost to make sure that physical distancing is practiced.

Please allow for extra time when arriving and leaving.

Safety during concerts

  • Keeping a safety distance of 1-2 metres through special seating arrangements in the auditorium will be facilitated by our staff. Hence, the seat numbers of the tickets might not apply.
  • At concerts with different ticket categories, the audience will be guided to the respective category area.
  • Entry to the Main Auditorium is only via the second floor.
  • Our staff will be guiding the audience in the house; especially at the doors and in the auditorium.
  • We currently only admit 800 people into the Main Auditorium (maximum seating capacity 2000), and 225 into the Small Auditorium (maximum seating capacity 500).
  • Our safety precautions are valid also at the concerts of the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra.

Safety during meetings, conferences and congresses

  • Together with the event organizers, we will coordinate the schedules of different events and thus the times the attendees move within the premises.
  • We arrange the schedules of the events (starting and finishing times, as well as coffee and lunch breaks) so that there are no crowds, and so that the attendees of different events will not encounter each other.
  • It is the responsibility of the event organizer to also inform the attendees about the safety precautions and arrangements prior to the event.
  • B2B meetings and congresses, please contact: +358 3 243 4800 or meetings@tampere-talo.fi