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Tue 29.9.2020 at 19:30 · Charlie ”Bird” Parkerin 100-vuotissyntymäjuhla

Jukka Perko: Early Birds

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Tampere Hall, Small auditorium - Yliopistonkatu 55, 33100
Tampere, Finland

This year marks the 100th birth anniversary of one of the all-time greatest jazz musicians, alto saxophone virtuoso Charlie “Bird” Parker (1920-1955). His influential improvisation techniques revolutionized the American jazz scene back in the 1940s.

Saxophonist Jukka Perko has been greatly inspired by Parker’s music ever since he was a teen in the 1980s. His burning ambition also opened up the world of other jazz artists of the time, such as Dizzy Gillespie’s orchestra. Perko has been considered as one of the most prominent ambassadors of Finnish jazz, and his music has often been compared to the music of young Parker. Perko was thus given the nickname Little Bird.

As a tribute to Charlie Parker’s anniversary, Jukka Perko performs his timeless songs, starting from the swinging hits of Parker’s early career. Even Charlie Parker’s idols such as Lester Young and his music are portrayed during this unforgettable night of nostalgic jazz rhythms.

Jukka Perko, saxophone
Eero Seppä, bass
Teppo Mäkynen, drums

Jukka Perko & Trio plays Charlie Parker (2010)

Duration: approx. 2 hours (including intermission)

Good to know! There is an area suitable for drinking beverages during the show.
The area is located in the stalls, bench rows 12–17. Age limit 18+. You may only purchase beverages before the show or during the intermission. The sales counters are located in the lobby.

Tampere Hall reserves the right to make alterations to the advertised programme.

Production Tampere Hall

Tickets 29 €
Pensioners and students 24 €

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