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Sun 19.9.2021 at 15:00

Taikametsä (Magical Forest): Into the Water – Children’s Concert

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Tampere Hall, Small auditorium - Yliopistonkatu 55, 33100
Tampere, Finland

It starts raining in the magical forest. Unlike before, this rain does not seem to stop. The water level rises, and the inhabitants of the forest seek shelter in trees, climbing higher and higher. But then, with the support of the audience and the creatures of the magical forest, a safe dive into the water can made and new friends come along: frogs, hedgehogs, jellyfish and other sea-life. Also, a magical juice is stirred, and the underwater orchestra will be playing some beautiful music. Would you like to join our dive?

This fascinating concert charms the whole family – and let’s your imagination run wild. The concert combines acoustic children’s music, theatre, dance and body music, all surrounded by the magical world of nature.

Directed and written by: Iina Kotola

Siru Helasharju: violin, vocals, carillon, percussions, body
Iina Kotola: vocals, handpan, percussions, body
Joa Kotola: accordion, vocals, carillon, percussions, body
Lasse Parkkila: guitar, vocals, percussions, body
Iiris Tarnanen: vocals, percussions, body
Juuso Waris: vocals, bass, percussions, body

The concert is suitable for children aged 3–10.
Duration: 45 minutes, no intermission.
Production Tampere Hall

Tickets 25 €
Children 15 €