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Sat 12.9.2020 at 19:30 · Solistina Eeppi Ursin

The Finnish Air Force Big Band: Epic Finland Featuring Eeppi Ursin

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Tampere Hall, Small auditorium - Yliopistonkatu 55, 33100
Tampere, Finland

The Finnish Air Force Big Band brings novel arrangements of the nation’s regional songs to the stage of the Small Auditorium. These unique interpretations will lead the audience to a journey across Finland – its brave nation and its pure nature with thousands of lakes and fascinating sceneries.

The concert features Eeppi Ursin – an internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter, composer and pianist with a charismatic stage presence. She is known for her wide repertoire of many genres and her strong interpretations have captivated audiences all around the world.

Duration: approx. 2 hours (including intermission)

Tampere Hall reserves the right to make alterations to the advertised programme.

Production Tampere Hall

Tickets 29,50 €
Pensioners and students 25 €

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