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Stories of Juhana and Heikki

Juhana Paturi, Executive Chef

Juhana is the heart of our restaurant business. In his life journey the 57 year old chef has travelled around the world collecting valuable experience as a chef. That journey has brought Juhana not only culinary knowledge but multilingual skills and charm as well.

In Tampere Hall Juhana has worked for over 16 years. When it comes to food the most important thing for him is the Scandinavian and especially the Finnish character and flavours. From 2001 Juhana has been an ambassador for sustainability and that has been the driving force and passion throughout his career.

Tampere Hall is the only congress and venue hall in Finland to hold a Rotisseurs shield and the most Chaine de Rotisseurs wraps amongst the staff in a Finnish restaurant.

Juhana says he loves his job and he is always innovating because of that love. Without him we wouldn’t have a bee colony buzzing on our roof and making honey or a beautiful garden to give vegetables and herbs.
Juhana knows how to balance work and family by spending time with his two children and two grandchildren and in his alone time he loves visiting art galleries.

Heikki Kärkkäinen, Head Chef

Tuhto´s head chef Heikki is what you would call a nice guy. The 31 year old kitchen wizard has been cooking around Finland for over a decade before making Tuhto his home.

For Heikki the best thing about food is the experience. Heikki has always loved Scandinavian flavours but with a twist from abroad.

This chef swears by great food but also by good customer service. As the head chef, Heikki appreciates his team in the kitchen as well his team in the dining room.

This team is essential to Heikki and Tuhto for the designing of the menu that changes four times a year.
Tuhto is a lot like his chef: unpretentious, professional but cosy and of course it is all about good food.
In his free time Heikki spends time with his wife and two children and as a genuine Finnish man he loves to fish and craft.

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