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A feel-good revue by Sani Aartela, Mikael Saari and Henna and Miikka Wallin features popular wedding songs through the decades, the world’s slowest wedding waltz, exhausted maids of honour and entrance tests for would-be mothers-in-law, all wrapped in a humoristic package. (In Finnish)

Production Tampere Hall

All shows:

Sat 20 Oct at 4pm  Buy tickets here!
Sat 20 Oct at 7.30pm  Buy tickets here!
Wed 31 Oct at 7.30pm  Buy tickets here!
Sat 3 Nov at 4pm  Buy tickets here!
Sat 3 Nov at 7.30pm  Buy tickets here!
Sun 4 Nov at 4pm  Buy tickets here!
Wed 14 Nov at 7.30pm*  Buy tickets here!
Sat 8 Dec at 2 pm*  Buy tickets here!
Wed 12 Dec at 8 pm*  Buy tickets here!
Fri 14 Dec at 7.30 pm*  Buy tickets here!

*Wed 14 Nov and Fri 14 Dec Mother-in-law’s better buffet at 5.30pm
Sat 8 Dec Mother-in-law’s better buffet at 4pm
Wed 12 Dec Mother-in-law’s better buffet at 6pm

Tickets 35 €, ticket with S-card 28 €,
pensioners and students 25 €
Mother-in-law’s better buffet 35 € + ticket price

Mother-in-law’s better buffet 35 €

The tickets are sale on at the Tampere Hall ticket sale and the Lippu.fi service.


Shrimps Skagen L,G
Cold smoked salmon, rosettes of cold smoked salmon and mustard dressing M,G
Chicken fillet seasoned with herbs, rocket and parmesan sauce L,G
Chorizo and organic pasta salad M
Melon, feta and little gem lettuce L,G
Red chard and zucchini salad M,G
Small potatoes with melted dill butter L,G
Grain ciabatta M with herbal cream cheese L,G

Wedding cake L
Organic coffee and tea

M – milk-free | L – lactose-free | G – gluten-free