Event parking

Our event parking service guarantees a space for your car while you are having a great time at Tampere Hall. You can save time and trouble by buying your parking permit in advance.

Parking tickets can be bought at our info service in the main lobby. These tickets allow you to park in Tampere Hall’s multi-storey car park called P-Tampere-talo, which is located close to the venue just across the street. Other park halls nearby are Tullintori and Hämppi.

24h ticket

  • Price 21 EUR – available at the info service of Tampere Hall
  • The ticket is placed in the reader device of the park hall (P-Tampere-talo) while driving in and out. The ticket comes out of the device to be collected again.
  • Whether the due time gets exceeded, you can pay the excessive fee to the automatic cashier at the park hall or buy a new ticket. Further details are available on the backside of the ticket.

Business event ticket

  • Price 13 EUR – available at the info service of Tampere Hall
  • Parking time for max 9 hours, starting from the arrival to the park hall. Parking time ends at the latest at 6pm.
  • You can also drive into the park hall, take the ticket from the reader device and change it at the info desk of Tampere Hall to a 13 EUR parking. With that ticket you can drive out from the parking hall.

Concert parking ticket

  • Price 8 EUR – available at the info service of Tampere Hall
  • The parking time starts from 4pm
  • Ticket is valid for 8 hours starting from the arrival to the park hall.

Short term parking in Park Hall P-Tampere-talo

No more cash or tickets. Park hall P-Tampere-Hall has recently updated their payment methods for parking. From now on, parking is automatically registered via licence plate. All you have to do is drive in, the Moovy app (download free for your smartphone from App Store / Google Play) charges your credit card the amount of your parking fee. You can also pay for your parking with credit / debit card inside the parh hall. The service provides e-mail receipts.

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