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Tampere-talo Ltd is a versatile event company and cultural and congress center in Finland.

Tampere-talo Ltd

Muumipeikko-patsas ja Tampere-talo
Kuva: Laura Vanzo, Visit Tampere

Tampere-talo Ltd was established in 1987, and the doors of the cultural and congress center were opened to the public in 1990. Tampere-talo Ltd is a limited company owned by the city of Tampere. The CEO of the company is Paulina Ahokas and the chairman of the board is Kristiina Michelsson.

Tampere-talo Ltd is Finland’s largest and most versatile cultural and congress center and event company in terms of repertoire, events, and number of visitors.

Tampere-talo Ltd focuses on promoting culture and the arts, and makes these accessible to various target groups through concert activities, Tampere Opera, visiting stage activities, and its own content concepts.

In addition, the venue houses the full-scale Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, the à la carte restaurant Tuhto, and the world’s only Moomin Museum. Adjacent to the hall is the Courtyard by Marriott hotel.

Tampere-talo Group

Tampere-talo Ltd. and Talo Events Ltd. will form Tampere-talo Group starting from the beginning of 2024.

As of January 1, 2024, Tampere Hall Ltd. will be divided into a new company structure. In the new corporate model, the parent company focusing on the promotion of culture and art will be Tampere-talo Ltd., and the subsidiary company, concentrating on commercial activities will be Talo Events Ltd.

Tampere-talo Group is Finland’s largest and most diverse event company in terms of repertoire, events, and visitor numbers. We operate in Tampere Hall and Tuulensuu Palace, and we also produce events and concerts outside these venues throughout Finland.

Operations of Tampere-talo

Operations of Tampere-talo

Tampere-talo Ltd., serving as the parent company, focuses on promoting culture and art. Tampere-talo makes culture more accessible to various target groups through concert activities, Tampere Opera, visiting stage, and its own original concepts.

An important goal of the company is to produce events that are affordable or entirely free of charge. In addition, the parent company takes care of the Tampere Hall property and its long-term tenants.

Financial Figures

In 2022, the revenue of Tampere-talo Ltd was 14.7 million euros, compared to 6.2 million euros in the previous year 2021. With this revenue, the company returned to the scale of operations it had before the pandemic.

The increase in activity in the event industry was also reflected in the number of events and visitors. In 2022, Tampere-talo was involved in producing a total of over a thousand events, which attracted a total of approximately 381,000 event attendees. When including Tampere Hall’s daytime visitors in this attendance figure, the company’s activities reached a total of 475,000 visitors.

Concerts and conferences draw people to Tampere, who also spend money on various services. Tampere-talo generates approximately 50 million euros in tourism and event revenue for the Tampere economic area. This figure is based on a study conducted by the University of Tampere’s research center Synergos in 2018, with a reevaluated figure for 2019.

According to a study by the external research firm Salmi Analytics, the Snow Queen Ice Ballet brought approximately 3.4 million euros in tourism and event revenue to the Tampere economic area during the turn of the year 2022-2023.

Tampere-talo Group directly employs 57 staff and indirectly provides employment for hundreds of event industry professionals.

Tampere-talo Board of Directors

Tampere-talo Board of Directors

Kristiina Michelsson, Chairman
Jukka Gustafsson, Vice Chairman
Lasse Heikkilä
Ari Miettinen
Mira Mäkelä, Staff Member
Aku-Paulus Sajakorpi
Pia Viitanen
Pauli Välimäki