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All of Tampere Hall’s conference facilities and public areas are accessible.


Huokausten silta, Tampere-talo

All of Tampere Hall’s conference facilities and public areas are wheelchair-accessible. There are threshold ramps in all doorways, and the entrances have automatic doors. Corridors and doorways are wide, and the end of handrails on stairs is indicated by a tactile marker on the last step.

We strive to make Tampere Hall equally accessible to all visitors. Our staff have been trained to guide and assist customers with physical disabilities and sensory impairments.

Customers who require a personal assistant

Kasvit Tampere-talossa

Disabled customers’ personal assistants are admitted to Tampere Hall’s own productions free of charge. Tampere Filharmonia concerts are also free of charge for personal assistants. However, the ticketing practices for other events organised at Tampere Hall are always the responsibility of the event organiser. Please check whether your personal assistant will be admitted free of charge when you buy your ticket.

Assistant tickets are free of charge for customers who need a personal assistant to take them around Tampere Hall due to a disability or chronic illness.


Taide Tampere-talossa

We have three auditoriums: the Main Auditorium, the Small Auditorium and Maestro [linkit tiloihin]. They have designated spaces for wheelchair users and their personal assistants. Our other conference facilities have level floors. If you need more time to get settled, we can let you in before others. The Main Auditorium and the Small Auditorium are equipped with induction loop technology.


Taide Tampere-talossa: Sininen suora

There is a lift in the entrance hall that you can use to access all floors of the building and Restaurant Tuhto. There is also a lift at the other end of the main lobby, which takes you to other floors.

In our renovated elevators, there is braille on the floor indicators to make the use of the elevators as easy and smooth as possible for our visually impaired visitors.

Groups should contact Tampere Hall porters before arrival on +358 (0)3 243 4111.


Wc-tilat, Tampere-talo

Tampere Hall has disabled toilets on the first floor, on the ground floor (accessible by a lift) and in the Duetto foyer on floor 2B.

Additionally, there are contrasting colors on the door frames of the restroom facilities’ entrances, aiding in their detection amidst light-colored walls.


Tampere-talo kesällä, kuva: Laura Vanzo
Laura Vanzo, Visit Tampere

There are clearly marked disabled parking bays right by the entrance. Traffic signs indicate a 15-minute parking space in front of Tampere Hall for customers visiting the ticket office and shop.

Please note that Tampere Hall’s multi-storey car park (P-Tampere-talo) has several flights of stairs. Only the first floor has disabled access.

Read more about parking

Induction loop

A permanent induction loop system has been installed in Tampere Hall’s Main Auditorium and Small Auditorium for customers who use a hearing aid.