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Whether your event is small or large, you can easily and effortlessly hold all meetings at Tampere Hall. A simple meeting package or a customized multi-day seminar, together with your own Account Manager, you will find the best solution for the needs of your company!

Maestro-sali Tampere-talossa
Miikka Varila

Meeting package

With the meeting package, the arrangements for the event are super-convenient – booking, confirmation and ready to go! In the meeting package, everything has been thought of for you, from facilities to technology to catering.

There are different meeting packages to choose from, depending on the duration of the event and the desired catering. Whether it’s a breakfast meeting or a full-day meeting, we’ll find a solution.

You can also organize a carbon neutral event. Compensate for the emissions of your event to the own carbon sink of Tampere Hall.

Customized for your needs

When you have a larger entity, such as a multi-day seminar with parallel premises, you need space for an exhibition, or the technical demands are higher than the basic meeting, a customized entity is the most effective implementation. Tampere Hall’s versatile facilities offer options in all size classes. By combining the facilities and taking advantage of our diverse event services, the implementation depends only on ingenuity!

Seminaari Sorsapuistosalissa

We are here to help!

Tiina Lumio, Tampere-talo
Tiina Lumio

Account Manager
Meetings, Congresses and Corporate Events

+358 3 243 4766

Mira Mäkelä, Tampere-talo
Mira Mäkelä

Account Manager
Meetings, Congresses and Corporate Events
+358 3 243 4761

Leena Sulonen, Tampere-talo
Leena Sulonen

Sales Manager
Meetings, Congresses and Corporate Events
+358 3 243 4110

Virpi Valtavaara

Account manager
Meetings, Congresses and Corporate Events
+358 3 243 4337