Invoicing instructions - Tampere-talo
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Invoicing instructions

We wish to operate in an environmentally friendly manner, so we ask you to primarily submit your invoices to us in the form of online invoices.


Online invoicing address: 003707063637
EDI ID: 003707063637
Operator: OpusCapita Group Oy
Operator ID: 003710948874

Paper invoices

If you do not submit online invoices yet, please send the invoices to the address below for scanning and interpreting:
Tampere-talo Oy / Tampere Hall Ltd
PO Box 10868
Please note that due to taxation-related reasons, the official address of our company must also be displayed on the invoice.

E-mail invoices and attachments

E-mail address:
Attachments are to be submitted in PDF format, and an attachment must contain all the material related to a single invoice.
A maximum of 10 invoice attachments may be attached to a single e-mail.

Only invoicing material may be sent to the invoicing address. Other type of post is to be sent to the postal address of our company:
Tampere-talo Oy / Tampere Hall Ltd
PO Box 16
FI-33101 Tampere, Finland