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Switchboard: +358 3 243 4111

E-mail addresses of the personnel: firstname.lastname@tampere-talo.fi

Meetings and congresses

Sales of meetings and congresses +358 3 243 4800, meetings@tampere-talo.fi

Leena Sulonen

Sales Manager, Congresses and Corporate Events

Tiina Lumio

Account Manager

Mira Mäkelä

Account Manager

Concerts and cultural events

Samppa Rinne

Head of Popular Culture - Tampere Hall productions, international artists

Suvi Leinonen

Head of Classical Music - opera, ballet, dance

Immo Kytölä

Producer - Tampere Hall productions, corporate events

Mari Niskanen

Producer - Tampere Hall productions, international artists

Hanna Kilpinen

Producer of classical music

Group sales

Group sales for Moomin Museum: sales@tampere-talo.fi

Group sales for concerts: ryhmamyynti@tampere-talo.fi

Concert customer: send e-mail to lipputoimisto@tampere-talo.fi (including your contact details) or call Lippu.fi phone service at +358 600 900 900 (EUR 2 €/min.+ standard network rate). If your concert has been postponed and the new date is not suitable for you, we recommend exchanging your ticket for a Tampere Hall gift voucher at lahjakorttihyvitys@tampere-talo.fi.


Saara Nurmi

Sales Project Manager in Tampere-talo Shop, Group sales for Moomin Museum

Mervi Pentikäinen

Account Coordinator - Group sales for concerts

Mari Äijälä-Aatamila

Account Coordinator - Group sales for concerts

Restaurant sales

Reservations for Restaurant Tuhto

Arja Jalkanen

Restaurant Manager

Juhana Paturi

Executive Chef

Tiina Rintamäki-Lehtinen

Sales Secretary, Catering

Calls Mon-Fri 9 am-3 pm

Marketing and communications

Anne Sivula

Head of Communications - corporate external and internal communications, press relations

Anna-Kaisa Noki

Marketing Specialist - concerts and cultural events

Hanna-Leena Laszka

Marketing Specialist - B2B meetings and congresses

Anni Toiva

Marketing Specialist on parental leave, substitute Hanna-Leena Laszka


Jyri Tervakangas

Production Manager

Tuija Mäki-Laurila

Production Manager

Mari Lehtovaara

Production Manager

Minna Silván

Meeting Coordinator

Olli Lehtinen

Head Technician, lights

Juha Kuitu

Technician, stage

Kai Saastamoinen

Technician, AV

Lobby services and security

Mika Mäki

Service Manager

Pasi Uhtakari

Security Manager


Marja Virta

Administration Manager

Minna Kiviranta

Finance Assistant

Jenni Palovaara

Finance Assistant

HR, IT and development

Heidi Tapaninaho-Pitkänen

HR and development manager
Sähköpostimme ovat muotoa etunimi.sukunimi@tampere-talo.fi


Marko Koivisto

Property Manager


Paulina Ahokas

Managing Director

Annika Virtanen

Executive Assistant

Mika Nevalainen

Business Director