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CONGRESS organizers checklist

Organizing a congress is full of small details, which are crucial to ensure a successful event and satisfied guests. Everything on this list is part of Tavicons expertise. Let us take care of all the details that take up your time from concentrating on your core competence!

Budgeting and financial management

  • participating in budgeting and pricing the event
  • updating the budget regularly
  • handling payments, opening an account if necessary
  • billing and tracking payments, handling credit card payments
  • final summary of the account after the event

Consulting the organizers

  • consulting related to organizing the event

Registrations and verifications

  • opening the digital registration form
  • composing guidelines related to registration
  • receiving registrations, sending confirmations and recites
  • customer service via phone and e mail  
  • actions caused by cancellations and changes
  • reporting to the organizer about the registrations regularly
  • composing directions for visa
  • gathering and packing material (aot. bags, nametags, maps)

Handling abstracts

  • digital management program for abstracts
  • connections to senders of abstracts
  • notifications of acceptations or rejections

Speakers and lecturers

  • digital management program for abstracts
  • connections to senders of abstracts
  • notifications of acceptations or rejections

Customer service at the event

  • welcoming participants and sharing material
  • receiving new registrations and collecting open payments 
  • traveling information
  • customer service and information desk
  • responsible for the fluency of hands-on arrangements together with the staff of the meeting place

Venue and technology

  • competitive tendering of the venue of the event
  • mapping and ordering technical necessities
  • checking the venue and technology under the event

Catering and serving

  • coordination of lunch, coffee, and dinner catering
  • negotiations and agreements with firms taking care of the catering
  • taking into consideration special dietary requirements
Kongressijärjestäjän muistilista Tavicon
Miikka Varila
Kongressijärjestäjän muistilista Tavicon
Visit Tampere / Laura Vanzo

Accommodation arrangements

  • contingency reservation and management kiintiöiden
  • price negotiations and agreements with hotels
  • receiving accommodation reservations and confirming to participants
  • collecting down payments and further paying to the hotels

Assistants and translators

  • recruiting assistants and translators
  • directing and monitoring tasks
  • getting the material to the translators before the event

Exhibition and acquiring sponsors

  • pricing the exhibition
  • composition of terms of reservation and form
  • sale of the exhibition
  • receiving reservations and agreements/billing
  • connections to exhibitors
  • layout for departments and exhibition map
  • connections to subcontractors (fair constructor)

Marketing and announcements

  • opening and updating the website
  • planning a logo and graphic appearance
  • social media and e mail marketing
  • leaflets, flyers, posters
  • producing/getting texts and pictures onto the website
  • press conferences and announcements

Marketing and sideline materials

  • marketing materials before the congress
  • program book and abstract book
  • dinner cards, menu cards, place cards etc.
  • getting the meeting material (outfits for assistants, meeting bags, gifts etc.)

Evening and sideline program and transportation

  • opening ceremony, closing ceremony
  • composing places, offers and agreements
  • performers, other staff, and technology
  • escort programs
  • coordinating and organizing all transportations

Excurtions and trips

  • planning and scheduling
  • pricing
  • reserving destinations, guides and transportation
  • producing text onto the website
Kongressitoimisto Tavicon oheisohjelma
Visit Tampere / Jukka Salminen
Kongressitoimisto Tavicon kongressi-illallinen
Visit Tampere / Laura Vanzo

After the event

  • collecting and reporting the participants’ feedback
  • paying the bills for services from the account of the congress
  • checking and paying the lecturers’ travel bills
  • following procedures for the money transactions
  • final report on money transactions and participants
  • evaluation of the event together with the organizers
Kongressijärjestäjän muistilista Tavicon
Miikka Varila