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A new consumer service for the events industry – Lippupiste, Tampere Hall and Geniem set up a technology company

The events industry is growing and changing rapidly, both nationally and internationally. Consumers wish to purchase event tickets as well as any additional services quickly and conveniently. Event companies and organisers have a growing need to provide a comprehensive service for their customers and to generate new revenue streams from their events. This December, LiveX Oy was created to address these needs. It is a new, internationally unique company and digital consumer service that is built to meet the needs of industry operators. The company was set up by the ticket sales company Lippupiste, the Tampere Hall culture and conference centre and the software company Geniem. The events industry has lacked a technological solution and a service concept that would combine different service providers’ interfaces into one channel and ensure an excellent customer experience. LiveX Oy intends to produce and direct a licence-based platform for concert venues, theatres, arenas and festivals across Finland as well as abroad. The events industry’s rapid growth in Finland and internationally, along with changing customer needs, gave a significant push to the creation of this company. – Customers prefer purchase channels where they can get all their event services quickly and conveniently at the same time. They also want more comprehensive experiences, restaurant services and other additional services. They are also prepared to travel and stay the night to attend great events. This is why new hotels will be opening in connection with Tampere Hall and Tampere Deck Arena. All major event centres will try to attach different kinds of accommodation services, says Managing Director of Lippupiste and LiveX Oy board member Ari Palhamo. Event companies and organisers also greatly need to generate new revenue streams from their events, since artist costs are increasing steeply and public funding is becoming ever scarcer. This dynamic has got event companies looking for new ways of making money. – Companies in the events industry know that they can get people on the move and thus create a larger financial impact that affects other sectors as well. We are going to fulfil this need through a unique collaboration in Finland: three companies combining their know-how and resources in LiveX Oy, says Managing Director of Tampere Hall and Chair of LiveX Oy’s board Paulina Ahokas. Joining forces in the new company are three companies that are leaders in their fields of business. Tampere Hall has more than doubled its turnover during the past five years and has decades of experience in responding to changing and evolving customer needs as an event promoter and organiser. As Finland’s leading event ticket sales company, Lippupiste brings its in-depth know-how in digital service conceptualisation and service commercialisation. Geniem has diverse experience in developing commercially successful applications and platforms that combine different interfaces. – Tampere Hall’s customers have long wished for better, easier and simply more ways to buy tickets and other services. Our concert goers would like to purchase all services for the evening from the same channel. We are therefore looking forward to developing the new platform and piloting it with our customers already in 2020, says Paulina Ahokas. – For a couple of years already, we have been searching for suitable cooperation partners: companies that understand the possibilities of digitalisation in creating a more comprehensive event experience. Several of our clients in Finland as well as abroad have already expressed interest in the opportunities brought by this service, Ari Palhamo adds. In addition to Paulina Ahokas and Ari Palhamo, LiveX Oy’s board consists of Geniem’s Managing Director Tuomas Kumpula. Both Tampere Hall and Lippupiste each own 40 percent of the new company’s shares while Geniem owns 20 percent.