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Dinosaurs invade Tampere Hall – the family-friendly summer exhibition opens in July

The family-friendly Dinosaur Invasion exhibition lands in Tampere Hall between 1 July and 13 August 2023. The exhibition contains life-size dinosaurs that move and roar, interactive play areas for children and the latest VR technology. The exhibition is made in Italy and experienced there by over a million visitors.

Tampere Hall’s new Dinosaur Invasion summer exhibition contains dinosaurs that move and roar, built to the tiniest detail to be exact replicas of their prehistoric predecessors. Featured dinosaurs include the terrifying tyrannosaurus rex, monstrous diplodocus, the bird-like pteranodon, cunning velociraptor and many other old and new acquaintances.

The exhibition was created by World Touring Exhibitions, who are European leaders in travelling exhibitions. The company’s Unoffical Galaxies exhibition, containing Star Wars collectables, attracted 30,000 guests in Tampere Hall in the summer of 2022. Made in Italy and experienced there by over a million visitors, the Dinosaur Invasion exhibit uses high-quality animatronics technology. The exhibit was incredibly popular in Rome, Milan, Naples and Florence. Before landing in Tampere, the exhibition is featured in Switzerland.

“Earlier this year, we travelled to Basel, Switzerland to see the exhibition for ourselves, and we were enormously excited by its many possibilities. A visually impressive dinosaur kingdom is being built at Tampere Hall. We expect the exhibition to be quite popular, especially among family vacationers. Tampere is an attractive city for tourists, and the exhibition complements the other cultural and entertainment events the summer season has to offer,” says Antti Oksa, the producer of the exhibition.

Exciting journey back in time

The Dinosaur Invasion summer exhibition lets visitors pull the fern-leaved curtains of mystery to the side and take a peek into the realms inhabited by these fascinating carnivores and incredible herbivores during the Mesozoic Era. The tour begins from the Triassic approximately 230 million years ago and zigzags its way through the Jurassic, all the way to the late Cretaceous approximately 65 million years ago, which is when the time of the dinosaurs came to a close.

With the stunning scenic design of Park Hall, guests will be transported right into the thick forest of the tropical jungle. The exhibition is designed by exhibition architect Taina Väisänen, who is also responsible for the design of Moomin Museum and previous summer exhibitions at Tampere Hall. The lighting design is by Ville Syrjä. The immersive tour allows visitors to engage in VR worlds full of new technology and scientific facts, bringing dinosaurs and their natural habitats to life in a fun and educational way.

For younger palaeontologists, the exhibition has interactive areas where children can, for example, dig for fossils in a fun sandpit. At the Dino Café, guests can treat themselves to refreshments in a prehistoric atmosphere, and the exciting summer’s day spent together finishes at the Dino Shop. The shop sells dinosaur-themed toys, games and products for a wide range of people. 

Skip the lines with an advance ticket

The exhibition is suitable for all ages. However, young children might find some of the most magnificent dinosaurs a little bit frightening. Virtual reality experiences are recommended for children over 6 years old. Allow at least an hour to see the exhibition. However, it is easy to spend longer getting to know the dinosaurs and experiencing the VR.

The Dinosaur Invasion summer exhibition runs at Tampere Hall’s Park Hall between 1 July and 13 August 2023. The exhibition is open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am to 5pm, on Thursdays from 9am to 7pm, on Fridays from 9am to 5pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 5pm. It is closed on Mondays. Ticket sales end an hour before closing time. 

The entrance fee is €20 for adults and €18 for students, pensioners, the unemployed and children (aged 2–16). A family ticket costing €65 is also available, allowing entrance for 2 adults and 2–4 children. Children under the age of 2 enter for free. Tickets for the exhibition are now on sale at Tampere Hall and ticket sales channels.

“I recommend buying tickets for the exhibition in advance online. This way you can avoid queuing on site at Tampere Hall. The exhibition is accessible and also serves international visitors, because all the information about the dinosaurs is available in Finnish and English. Dinosaurs are interesting in every culture,” says Oksa.

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