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Honey production up to 104.7 kg

The bee hives on the rooftop of Tampere Hall produced an impressive amount of honey as it was their first summer. The results were amazing, altogether 104,7 kg. Beekeeper Teemu Aittamaa points out that the amount is way above average on Finnish scale. – That amount was better than the average amount per hive. Usually the hive produces about 40kg when the location of hives is carefully planned and the hives are located near the crop. The rooftop hives are clearly on perfect spot, crop will not end suddenly. While producing honey the bees have also made a great eco-act by pollinating the flowers. – My careful estimation of the pollinated city flowers is around 10 million, clarifies Aittamaa. Tampere Hall’s Executive Chef Juhana Paturi is thrilled about the honey. – It has been incredible to participate in the journey of our bees from the beginning to this very day. We are so happy to be able to utilise this great honey in our restaurant dishes and provide the honey for sale too. Next summer we are planning to double the number of the hives!