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Small Auditorium got new brilliant lights

The lights in Tampere Hall’s Small Auditorium have been replaced with from halogen lights to high-quality, color-changing LED lamps. The new solution allows the colors of the hundreds of spotlights in the auditorium to be individually controlled. – The new spotlights can be used to vivify both corporate and cultural events, and to expand the show all the way from the stage to the back of the auditorium and walls. In practice, the adjustment possibilities of the lights are endless, and distinctive lighting can now be created for every event, says Jussi Kamunen, the lighting designer of Tampere Hall. Tampere Hall implemented another large-scale lighting project last year, when 60 color-changing light fittings were installed outside of the hall. Now, the colors of the hall can be changed both inside and outside, to better meet the wishes of, for example, conference organizers. – “The hall bends for your hopes” might sound a little corny, but that’s just how it is now! None of these changes are done for the sake of us, instead the contentedness of the customer is always the main point, adds Kamunen.