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Solar panels on the roof of Tampere Hall

Tampere Hall has always been known as a good corporate citizen, but the venue is now even greener. The organization is one of the first European culture and conference halls to use solar power. A 48.76-kWp solar power plant was built on the roof of Tampere Hall’s extension during the summer 2017, with a total of 184 solar panels. Making use of solar power is the natural next step in Tampere Hall’s tradition of sustainable solutions. “Tampere Hall is committed to be a pioneer in environmental issues. Building the solar power plant is an important step along this path: We want to make the future greener and our business more sustainable”, clarifies Tampere Hall’s Managing Director Paulina Ahokas. The project was planned together with GreenEnergy Finland in 2016. Tampere Hall’s pre-calculations prove that the panels will “pay themselves back” approximately in 12 years. Organization started to use solar power in August 2017. Nordic ecolabel Environmental responsibility is one of the most important values of Tampere Hall. Organization has long traditions in energy saving. Recently Tampere Hall switched to use LED light technology, reduced consumption of paper and keeps updating staff’s knowledge of environmental issues. Electricity comes from the rapids of Tampere (Tammerkoski) via a local energy producer. In 2014 Tampere Hall received a Nordic ecolabel as a first Nordic congress hall. “Nordic ecolobal affects to every operation we have and is present everywhere (in purchases and matters related to energy, recycling, water consumption etc). We have taken responsibility and want to change people’s mindsets and attitudes.”, says Marko Koivisto, Property Manager. Tampere Hall’s restaurants focus also on the same values. They have increased the high utilisation rate of organic food and pure Nordic tastes. Part of the raw materials comes straight from the roof – Tampere Hall has its’ own greenhouse.