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Tampere Hall among AIPC Innovation Awards finalists in Antwerpen

Tampere Hall is a member of AIPC, the International Association of Convention Centres. The AIPC 2019 Annual Conference and 61st General Assembly take place in Antwerpen, Belgium, June 23-26. The CEO of Tampere Hall, mrs. Paulina Ahokas, will be taking part in the conference. The winners of the AIPC Innovation Awards will be announced in the conference. Tampere Hall has submitted three innovations for the AIPC Innovation Award. These are Tampere Congress and Events District (CED), the service design project and the community engagement project. The conference gathers the members to consider key industry issues and hear from the top professionals in a variety of related fields. The General Assembly is the business session where AIPC executives and staff provide reports and outline the program of activity for the organization. The AIPC Innovation Award reflects AIPC’s mission of “Encouraging and Recognizing Excellence in Convention Centre Management”. It is made for specific projects or initiatives that represent “innovation” in the true sense of the word; that is, the development of a new, more creative or more effective approach to any aspect of convention centre management, operations or marketing.

Tampere Hall’s innovations

Tampere CED (Congress and Event District)

  • Productization of Tampere CED
  • Tampere CED forms a cluster of services and professionals where everything necessary is located within a 10-minute walk
  • Productization, sales model, marketing materials including videos
  • Resulting in increased congress and trade events shows in the city, with for example the biggest music fair in the world, WOMEX, coming to the Tampere CED at the end of this year

Service design project

  • Meeting with our existing and non-existing customers in several workshops
  • Resulted in a total makeover of Tampere Hall facilities and services, with four new restaurant concepts, new content (new museum, new reading library), new spaces and new type of event content, for example free events
  • Resulting in more than doubling our turnover in five years and increasing our clientele from 355 000 to 605 000 people a year, among others

Community Engagement

  • Resulting from the service design project – learning that the community wants to be involved in a two way traffic and co-creation
  • Some contents of our events are co-created, also co-creation of environmental programmes, for example the beehives on the roof, taken care of by the local gardeners and schools together
  • Resulting in huge visibility, increased visitors, happier community and a pleasantly high NPS

Other AIPC Innovation Award finalists are

  • Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre: The Hive by ADNEC
  • Adelaide Convention Centre: Honest Goodness: feel good, whole food, made fresh
  • Cape Town International Convention Centre: A self-sustaining international convention centre
  • Halifax Convention Centre: Halifax Convention Centre’s Primary Point of Contact
  • m:con – Congress Center Rosengarten: Customized online sales tool
  • Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre: Suntec Singapore’s HybriD – An Innovative Visualisation Tool
  • EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre, St Petersburg: Expoforum wi fi monitoring system
  • International Convention Centre Sydney: ICC Sydney’s innovative Real Time Asset Tracking System, “iTrack”