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Tampere Hall recognized at the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs 50-year celebration

“We have simply gone crazy for good food” The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs organization’s 50-year celebration for the Tampere subsection was held at Tampere Hall Saturday the 27th October. Tampere Hall received a recognition at the celebration for forwarding culinary art in Tampere. From the Tampere Hall personnel, the recognition was awarded to managing director Paulina Ahokas, executive chef Juhana Paturi, food and beverage director Anne Nyberg and sales manager Leena Sulonen. – The professionals at Tampere Hall have exemplarily internalized the quality requirements stated at the plaque granted by the Rôtisseurs organization, and brought forth their membership proudly and elegantly in their operation. Tampere Hall is an important international partner for us, promoting within it own network the conspicuousness and stature of the Rôtisseurs. With the 50-year medal, we wanted to commemorate the quality work done by key persons in achieving our gastronomical goals, says Mikko Reinikka, the Bailli Délégué of the Rôtisseurs organization’s Tampere subsection. The Executive Chef of Tampere Hall, Juhana Paturi, is known as a pioneer of responsible restaurant operating in Finland. Paturi reminds that instead of individual workers, the Rôtisseurs recognition belongs to the entirety of personnel in Tampere Hall’s restaurants: – These recognitions are an expression of the committed and dedicated work our personnel does. We have simply gone crazy for good food and drinks, says the executive chef Paturi. Tampere Hall is the only culture and conference hall in Finland that has been awarded with the Rôtisseurs plaque. Additionally, the Hall’s personnel has the most Chaîne des Rôtisseurs ribbons from the Finnish restaurants, nine in total. Tampere Hall gets around 500,000 visitors yearly, and many of them also eat in the Hall. The kitchen of Tampere Hall prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner for the enjoyment of conference, museum and concert visitors. In addition, the Hall’s own á la carte restaurant, Tuhto, serves hundreds of customers on a daily basis. In the last years, Tampere Hall has invested on its food selection in green solutions, as well as organic and local food. Especially the Hall’s rooftop garden with its beehives has drawn a lot of national interest. The Hall will next launch its own honey beer, Pörri Beeri, which is a tribute to the hard working bees of Tampere Hall. The beer will be available in Restaurant Tuhto in late 2018. More pictures here.