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Vocal announcements during intermission

Tampere Hall introduces vocal announcements to strengthen the acoustic signals to the audience at the intermission. Starting from autumn 2017 organization uses clear vocal announcements to support previously separately used acoustic signals that reflect the starting periods of the concerts. A concert visitor survey, completed in summer, outlined that concert visitors experienced the breaks quite hectic and the significance of the acoustic signals were unclear to many. – With these announcements we want to reduce our customer’s feel of hurry. Now we have a voice that points out clearly how much to have time until the concert continues again, clarifies Sales and Marketing Manager Marjut Heinonen. Tampere Hall has a tradition of using three acoustic signals when concert is about to start or continue after the intermission. Signals are played after ten, five and one minute(s) before the show starts. When adding vocal announcing customer has exact information how much time to have left during the intermission. – This is how we communicate clearly to our customers do they still have time to enjoy refreshements or stretch their legs and walk a bit further from the concert hall, Heinonen continues. Tampere Hall is eager to hear customers feedback about the new announcements.