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Tampere Hall’s partners

Friends of Tampere Hall


Tampere Hall’s partners provide important support for our operations and contribute to the production of free-of-charge events, for example. Our partners are well-known Finnish businesses that have a firm footing in the Tampere Region and are known across Finland. Our partners help us promote well-being, customer comfort, staff recreation, youth employment and Finnish culture.

Cooperation with Tampere Hall boosts our partners’ image, creates a positive impression of them through high-quality experiences and gives them access to more than half a million B2B and B2C contacts every year. If you are interested in partnering with Tampere Hall, contact our Sales and Marketing Manager Marjut Heinonen on +358 (0)3 243 4109.

Tampere Hall’s partners

OP Tampere
LähiTapiola Pirkanmaa