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Ticket sales


For information on the effects of corona virus on Tampere Hall events, cancelled and postponed events and ticket refunds, click here.

Tickets for Tampere Hall concerts and events are sold at:

Ticket reservations can be made at:

Tampere Hall ticket sales opening times.

For some Tampere Hall concerts, tickets are also available from Tiketti. Phone service +358 (0)600 11616 Mon–Sun: 9 am – 9 pm (EUR 1.78/minute + standard network rate).

To avoid overpricing and availability conflicts, we do not recommend purchasing tickets from any other vendors. Tampere Hall is not accountable for the validity and additional costs of tickets purchased from any other vendors.

Ticket offices also accept bookings. Bookings made by e-mail or post must clearly state your address and phone number.

For information on Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra sales times and seasonal tickets, see Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra web pages.

We kindly ask our visitors to take into consideration people with fragnance sensitivities.

Group sales

For most of our concerts, we offer the following group discounts:

  • Min. of 10 persons, discount of 10 %
  • Min of 30 persons, discount of 15 %
  • Min of 50 persons, discount of 20 %.

Tel. +358 3 243 4501
Mon-Fri 9.30-16, ryhmamyynti@tampere-talo.fi

Ticket prices

For ticket prices, see events calendar.

Exchanging your ticket

Tampere Hall does not refund any concert tickets nor exchange them for gift vouchers.

You can exchange your concert ticket to another concert ticket in the following cases:

You can exchange your Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra concert ticket to another Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra concert ticket. You will need to pay the difference in price between the original and the new ticket. When exchanging the ticket to a more affordable ticket, the difference in price will not be refunded. A service fee of 5 € will be charged for every exchanged ticket.

In other Tampere Hall concerts, you can exchange your ticket only to the other performances of the same production. A service fee of 5 € will be charged for every exchanged ticket.

Accepted methods of payment

In addition to cash and debit and credit cards, Tampere Hall accepts the following methods of payment:

  • Smartum fitness and cultural vouchers, Smartum cards and mobile payments
  • Edenred vouchers, Edenred cards and mobile payments
  • Tyky-Kuntoseteli+ vouchers and Tyky-Online payments
  • ePassi / AliPay payments
  • Ticket Mind&Body cards
  • Eazybrake mobile payments

Mobile payments accepted only at the ticket sales at Tampere Hall.

Gift cards

You can buy gift cards from Tampere Hall ticket sales. The cards can be exchanged for a ticket to any concert on sale at Tampere Hall.

Hotel reservations

Book accommodation at Courtyard by Marriott Tampere City at Tampere Hall customer rate.


Group discounts

The following group discounts on standard ticket prices apply to most of Tampere Hall’s own productions:

  • At least 10 people -10%
  • At least 30 people -15%
  • At least 50 people -20%

Group discounts for events organised by other producers depend on the concert; more information available at ticket sales.

Other discounts

Special rates for children, students and pensioners depend on the concert; more information is available in the events calendar and from ticket sales. Special rates for the unemployed are available on the day of the event depending on the concert.

War veterans

War veterans are admitted to all of Tampere Hall’s own productions free of charge.

Customer information

Information collected from customers in connection with ticket purchases is confidential. We collect the information in order to be able to keep you up to date if, for example, an event is cancelled or rescheduled. If you give us permission to contact you for marketing purposes, we can also send you information about other events at Tampere Hall and our newsletter, for example.