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Fairs and exhibitions


Tampere Hall’s versatile facilities provide several options for fairs and exhibitions. Sorsapuistosali Park Hall is ideal for specialist fairs; exhibitions relating to meetings can be set up in the foyers.

Our experienced account managers help organizers to plan their use of space. Exhibitions can be booked via our online service (Extranet). Exhibitors can use the service to place orders for their stalls and read the instructions.

Tampere Hall’s technical staff plan and provide any electrical connections, telecommunications and lighting required for exhibitions. The service desks in the main lobby provide guidance and advice for event organisers and exhibitors at the setting-up and taking-down stages and during the event.

Contact information

Our experienced sales representatives are happy to provide more information.

Tiina Lumio, Leena Sulonen, Mari Lehtovaara, Mira Mäkelä and Hanna-Leena Laszka

Leena Sulonen

Sales Manager, Congresses and Corporate Events

Hanna-Leena Laszka

Marketing Specialist - B2B meetings and congresses

Mari Lehtovaara

Production Manager

Tiina Lumio

Account Manager

Mira Mäkelä

Account Manager