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An event venue that is always a joy to return to – Apollonia Symposium was held again at Tampere Hall

The annual Apollonia Symposium, held in various locations throughout Finland, took place at Tampere Hall on March 17-18, 2023. The two-day continuing education event for dentists brought together approximately 1000 professionals from across Finland, with lectures attended both in person and remotely through a webinar. As part of the program, there was also a product…

Tampere Apollonia Symposium 2023, Tampere-talon Sorsapuistosalissa. Kuva: Ismo Henttonen | Apollonia Symposium 2023, audience in the Sorsapuisto Hall. Photo: Ismo Henttonen

Full-Service Event Venue

Tampere Hall offers spaces, services, and technology for events of various sizes. For the Apollonia Symposium, the versatile Sorsapuisto Hall at Tampere Hall was chosen, well-suited for seminar and webinar purposes. Additionally, there is ample space in front of the hall for hosting the necessary product exhibition for the industry

The education coordinator of the Finnish Dental Society Apollonia, Milla Tanskanen, shared insights about the technology for the large and multidimensional event: “We had a webinar platform through a partner, and Tampere Hall provided on-site technology – including filming, sound reproduction, and streaming. Everything went smoothly, even though in a large and complex event, things happen.”

In addition to versatile space and functional technology, praise was especially given to the staff’s service-mindedness and expertise. “At Tampere Hall, we had our own team, and the collaboration was professional, fast, and pleasant. They organized the lectures, the exhibition, and other events on-site, which was convenient. The team’s service was truly flexible, and it’s clear that Tampere Hall is committed to making every event a success.”

“Apollonia Symposium had many moving parts, such as lectures, technology, the Pre-course, the exhibition, visiting students, break areas, lunches, and much more. The arrangements worked just as planned, and all last-minute changes were smoothly handled. Special mention goes to the fantastic ushers at Tampere Hall, who, with an iron but friendly touch, guided participants and were always ready to help us organizers,” emphasizes Tanskanen.

Osana ohjelmaa oli myös alan yrityksien tuotenäyttely. Kuva: Ismo Henttonen | As part of the program, there was also an industry company product exhibition. Photo: Ismo Henttonen

Tampere Hall and the city – An ideal event environment

Tampere once again proved to be an ideal event city. Its central location allowed easy access from various parts of Finland, and participants gave positive feedback about the city. Locals are known for their friendly demeanor, creating a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Moreover, the hotel options, especially near Tampere Hall, have expanded, and organizers were particularly pleased with the location of the Courtyard by Marriott Tampere City hotel. Its proximity allowed for quick and easy movement between the hotel and Tampere Hall through a connecting corridor.

I can warmly recommend Tampere Hall as an event venue. Details are carefully arranged well before the event, and our own team, which was essential for us, was truly committed to ensuring that everything goes smoothly. In larger events, surprises are inevitable, but help was always available at the other end of the phone. The bright spaces of Tampere Hall brought sunshine even to our event in March. It’s a beautiful and functional venue, always a joy to return to.

Tanskanen says.

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