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Park hall









Park hall is the most versatile room in Tampere Hall. It can be used for parties, fairs, exhibitions, pop and rock concerts, children’s events, product launches, meetings, competitions and various kinds of group dinners. The room has seating for between 300 and 800 diners. Combined with the adjoining foyers, Park hall can cater for cocktail parties with up to 2,000 guests. The walls are draped with a dramatic dark blue velvet curtain, which can be illuminated to set the tone for different kinds of events. A range of accessories consisting of imposing ceiling and floor light fixtures as well as decorative upholstery and furniture is available for special occasions. The room has a large stage that can be moved around or disassembled, if necessary. Larger structures can be brought into the room through two large vertical lift doors.

Our event organisers help plan programmes and book performers for events. They provide professional advice and ideas for scheduling as well as for designing the lighting and decorations. Our sound engineers set up the sound reinforcement system, video projectors and recording technology according to each performer’s needs. Our lighting technicians use a range of artistic and technical solutions to set the tone at the entrance and throughout the room. Our stage team assembles the furniture, hangs any necessary props and helps to design the look of the room. Tampere Hall has musical instruments ranging from a keyboard to a grand piano.