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The events at Tampere Hall are safe and equal for all participants. With safe events, we want to ensure that in particular vulnerable people and minority groups have the opportunity to take part in the events. The requirement of equality applies to the employees of Tampere Hall, partners, performers of the event as well as participants.

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Everyone is welcome to Tampere Hall as their own – both the staff and the customers!

The premises of Tampere Hall comply with the equality and non-discrimination laws in force in Finland. The law is designed to guarantee the safety and integrity of everyone, regardless of origin, ethnic background, age, gender identity, gender expression, health status, or illness. No one’s treatment shall be influenced by his or her political, religious or cultural background. We are all equal regardless of nationality, outlook on life, sexual orientation, disability, language, family status, social or economic cause or any other factor.

We promise!

Do You promise too?

  • To allow everyone to speak and be heard
  • To respect everyone’s personal physical and mental space as well as privacy
  • Not to make assumptions based on a person’s appearance or actions
  • Listen and learn by unprejudiced accepting new topics, people, and perspectives
  • To apologize for intentional or unintentional insult to others
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Good to know

  • All meeting and public areas of Tampere Hall are accessible. Our staff is trained to guide and assist customers with physical and sensory impairments.
  • The accessibility of Tampere Hall’s website is being improved in connection with the 2022 website reform.
  • Our staff is regularly trained to meet different customer groups.
  • Participants in the events have the opportunity to give feedback on the safety and accessibility of the event through feedback surveys and the Tampere Hall website. We always try to find out about disturbances that come to our attention, also when it comes to our knowledge afterwards. So far, it is not yet possible to give feedback anonymously, but this is also underway!
  • We plan and monitor the gender distribution of artists and ensembles in the cultural program in order to achieve equality.
  • We are collaborating with Manse Pride Week. Manse Pride Week is organized by Sinuiksi ry (formerly Pirkanmaan Seta) and the City of Tampere.
  • Tampere Hall’s equality plan has been drawn up in co-operation with our staff, and its implementation will be monitored, evaluated and updated by Tampere Hall Ltd´s Co-operation and Occupational Safety and Health Committee. All employees of Tampere Hall can participate in the development of equality.
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Visit Tampere Laura Vanzo

We Speak Gay

In May 2022, Tampere Hall joined the LGBTQ+ friendly We Speak Gay community, which aims to make Finland a more inclusive, safer and more empathetic society for LGBTQ+ people.

By joining the We Speak Gay community, we committed to year-round equality communications that include both internal and external communications. In addition, our staff receive training in sexuality and gender diversity.

The We Speak Gay community is nominated for the 2022 Nordic Blaze Inclusion Awards.

Tampere-talo on We Speak Gay yhteisön jäsen