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Sat 12.5.2018 at 19:00 · Finnish premier!

Tero Saarinen & Kimmo Pohjonen: Breath

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Tampere Hall, Main auditorium - Yliopistonkatu 55, 33100
Tampere, Finland

Dancer-choreographer Tero Saarinen and composer-accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen celebrate the Finnish premiere of their show case BREATH. Known for their strong performances, both internationally acclaimed, measure each other out in the powerful current of motion.

Costumes are by fashion designer Teemu Muurimäki and sound design is by Pohjonen’s long-time collaborator Tuomas Norvio. Choreographer’s Assistant is Henrikki Heikkilä.

“Dance first. Think later. It’s the natural order.”
Nb! There are strobe lights used in the show case.
Videotrailer 2018: https://vimeo.com/262379064
Videotrailer 2017: https://vimeo.com/193768262
Tickets 48/44/34 €
Students 25 €

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