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Sat 4.5.2019 at 19:30 · Dusty Springfield

Aili Ikonen & Jukka Perko Avara

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Tampere Hall, Small auditorium - Yliopistonkatu 55, 33100
Tampere, Finland

Legendary Finnish singer-songwriter Hector has always been inspired by the work of American and British songwriters from the 60’s, and by Dusty Springfield’s recordings in particular. Now he has re-told these nostalgic songs as Finnish stories, superbly performed by jazz singer Aili Ikonen with Jukka Perko’s band Avara.

The concert setlist ranges from Hector’s new lyrics to great pop hits and little-known pop tracks, all interpreted by these first-rate jazz artists. In addition to songs penned by Dusty Springfield, the setlist includes works by Carol King and Michel Legrand.

Attention! There is an area suitable for drinking beverages during the show. The area is located in the stalls, bench rows 12–17. Age limit 18+. You may only purchase beverages before the show or during the intermission. The sales counters are located in the lobby.

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