Kortekangas: My Brother's Keeper - Tampere-talo


Kortekangas: My Brother’s Keeper

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Tampere Hall, Main auditorium - Yliopistonkatu 55, 33100
Tampere, Finland

One family. Two fronts.
An opera about hate and mercy.

My Brother’s Keeper, a major national production commissioned by the Tampere Opera, portrays Finland in the year 1918 and the dramatic events of the civil war in Tampere. In 2018, a hundred years has passed since the saddest events in Finland’s history. The opera tells the touching story of a brother and sister who end up on opposing sides of the war. In the lead soprano Tuuli Takala, baritone Ville Rusanen and tenor Tuomas Katajala.

Composition Olli Kortekangas
Libretto and direction Tuomas Parkkinen
Conductor Santtu-Matias Rouvali
Costumes Tarja Simone
Set design Kati Lukka
Lighting Ville Syrjä

Tuuli Takala Amanda Rossi
Ville Rusanen Eemil Rossi
Tuomas Katajala Iisakki Friman
Juha Kotilainen Johannes Rossi
Päivi Nisula Rauha Valkonen
Erica Back Serafina Suomi
Virpi Räisänen Hanna Waltz
Suvi Väyrynen Onni Kontio
Tuomas Pursio Tuntematon sotilas
Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra
Tampere Opera Choir
Tampere Opera Children´s Choir (in co-operation Pirkanpojat)
Choir conductor Heikki Liimola

The show is in Finnish. Subtitles in Finnish and English.

Please notice that the performance includes strong emotional scenes, explosive effects with strong lights and sound effects.

“We must all look after one another”

My Brother’s Keeper depicts a city of high expectations and the events of war from the point of view of two siblings, who drifted onto opposing sides of the war. It is an epic, symphonic, character-driven drama about shattered dreams, difficult choices, and strong emotions.

– The opera is thematically anti-war, and it hardly contains any ideological discussion or political pleas. The name comes from the Bible, when Cain, after taking his brother’s life, asked God “Am I my brother’s keeper?”. The answer is yes. We must all look after one another. Says librettist and stage director Tuomas Parkkinen.

This is Parkkinen’s career’s most significant work so far, and also his first opera where he is in charge of both the libretto and directing. Composer Olli Kortekangas has composed more than a hundred pieces in his career, including orchestral music, choir- and chamber music, and eight operas.

– My Brother’s Keeper draws from the rich history of opera, as well as from the musical genres of the early 20th century. There’s French horns and cakewalk. And, of course, singing: melodic arias, colorful ensembles, and dramatic choir scenes comprise a whole that the energy of the orchestra keeps in motion, tells composer Olli Kortekangas.

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Pensioner 93/80/60 €
Music and Flavors 133/121/101 €
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Fri 16.2.2018, 6:30pm, premiere
Sun 18.2. 3pm o’clock
Wed 21.2. 6:30pm o’clock (This performance will be streamed live by Finnish Broadcasting company)
Sat 24.2. 3pm o’clock
Thu 1.3. 6:30pm o’clock
Sat 3.3. 3pm o’clock

”What is this
great silence?
Why is it dark
on the road?
Have we come to
the end of the world?
Did they crush
our homes yet?
No longer do we see
a red man,
no longer white.
All we see is black, black.
As far as the eye can see.”
Excerpt from the libretto,
Tuomas Parkkinen