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Wed 9.3.2022 at 18:30 · Tampere Opera 2022

W. A. Mozart: Magic Flute

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Tampere Hall, Main auditorium - Yliopistonkatu 55, 33100
Tampere, Finland

Mozart’s Magic Flute at Tampere Opera 2022 – Tuuli Takala and Tuomas Katajala as the super couple in the highly acclaimed work

Tampere Opera’s opera production for 2022 will be Mozart’s The Magic Flute, set in 1930s Las Vegas, which was first performed at Tampere Hall 11 years ago to sold-out audiences. The opera will premiere on 2 March 2022, with soprano Tuuli Takala as Pamina and tenor Tuomas Katajala as Tamino in the lead roles. Baritone Arttu Kataja will interpret the role of Papageono. As in 2011, the opera will be directed by Tuomas Parkkinen. There will be six performances in total.

The trio last collaborated in Tampere Opera’s highly acclaimed and praised opera Veljeni Vartija (2018). The work tells the story of the events of 1918. Takala and Katajala were again seen as the main pair and Parkkinen as the director.

– Tuuli Takala and Tuomas Katajala are among the most talented singers of their generation, Finnish world stars. The last time we made a bloody drama about the civil war, this time we are making a much happier work,” says Tuomas Parkkinen.

For Parkkinen, the specialness of Taikahuilu comes from its endless childlike inventiveness, the richness of its characters and events, its magical fantasy and Mozart’s brilliant music. The Magic Flute’s 2022 direction is full of surprises:

– We have updated the work. New soloists have also brought fresh rhythm and momentum to the direction. Already in 2011, the stage was filled with glitter, show elements and amazing magic tricks,” says Parkkinen.

In addition to the Tampere Philharmonic, the Magic Flute will feature the Tampere Opera Choir. The production is also looking for young singing performers for the children’s parts. The search will start in the autumn.

– Everyone loves the Magic Flute. Its magic and humour. It’s the perfect piece for first-timers, and even experts will never get bored,” says Parkkinen.

The 2011 Magic Flute is one of Tampere Opera’s most successful productions

– This Magic Flute is remembered by many of our audiences as one of the most colourful and powerful productions in Tampere Opera’s recent history. It is important to us that we are able to offer audiences who have suffered from the corona period and are longing for culture a superpiece that combines the magic of fairy tales, top soloists and a fantastic artistic dream team,” says Suvi Leinonen, Executive Producer of Tampere Opera.

Tinde Lappalainen recreates the set based on Kati Luka‘s designs. The costume design is by Tarja Simonen and will be reassembled by Elina Vättö. Lighting designer Ville Syrjä is responsible for the lighting design. Tampere Philharmonia is conducted by conductor Risto Joost, who is conducting his first work at Tampere Opera.

The full cast of Magic Flute will be published later this year.

Photo by Saara Salmi

Performances at Tampere Hall:
Wed 2.3.2022 at 18.30, premiere.
Fri 4.3.2022 at 18.30
Sat 5.3.2022 at 15:00
Wed 9.3.2022 at 18.30
Fri 11.3.2022 at 18.30
Sat 12.3.2022 at 15

The language of the opera is Finnish, with subtitles in Finnish and English.

The duration of the performance will be announced later. There will be an intermission.

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