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Tampere Hall organizes around a hundred low-threshold and free events annually. Our business is based on events and encounters that create and contribute to well-being in our society. Our economic impact in the Pirkanmaa region is significant, and our events enhance the attractiveness, visibility, and impact of the city of Tampere.

Ilmaistapahtuma Puistokonsertti 2022

Low-threshold events

Together with our partners, we organize about a hundred free and low-threshold events annually. For example, the annual Puistokonsertti reaches thousands of visitors, and the admission-free Aulaklubi provides a stage for discussions, matinee concerts, dance performances, and various cultural events.

In collaboration with Tampereen Sähkölaitos and TAMK’s music theater line MUSTE, the thought-provoking and free music theater performance “Broken Telephone” reached thousands of schoolchildren in the Tampere region in late January to early February 2023.

Tarja ja Jalo Virkki tanssimassa Tampere-talon pääaulan Teetansseissa. Taustalla soittaa Tampereen Kotkien puhallinorkesteri.
Tarja ja Jalo Virkki käyvät Tampere-talon Teetansseilla aina kun ehtivät. Pari harrastaa tanssia monta kertaa viikossa.

Teatime dance moves your body and takes you back in memories

As part of its corporate social responsibility and commitment to the community, Tampere Hall offers Tea Dances once a month, which is a popular low-threshold dance event.

“The floor in the Tampere Hall lobby is perfect for dancing, and the tempo of the brass band’s music is just right for retirees, although we wouldn’t mind a faster pace,” smiles dance veteran Jalo Virkki.

Employment and partnerships

In addition to the employees of Tampere Hall and partner companies, we also employ a wide range of freelancers, independent artists, and professionals in the creative industry. We collaborate extensively with various educational institutions and offer opportunities for job shadowing and internships for students. Annually, we support one or more charitable organizations, and for example, in the Snow Queen Ice Ballet, we collaborated with Icehearts ry.

We bring to the spotlight in Tampere

Our mission is to create unforgettable experiences and put Tampere in the spotlight. Tampere Hall has a strong societal role in the Pirkanmaa region, and our economic impact in the economic area is 50 million euros (based on a reassessment of the 2019 figure on the basis of Synergos 2018). The events and visitors of Tampere Hall enhance the attractiveness, visibility, and impact of the city. According to a brand and target group study conducted by Taloustutkimus in 2022, Tampere Hall is the third most respected company in Finland for organizing events, concerts, and conference services.

Our support for Ukraine

The Tampere Hall Group shows its support for Ukraine and Ukrainians in many ways. We have provided venues for fundraising and visibility, as well as cultural experiences for refugees, in collaboration with our partners and stakeholders. Welcome to join us in supporting the common good!

TAMKin musiikkiteatterilinjan 1. vuosikurssin 15 opiskelijaa Rikkinäinen puhelin -musikaalin rooliasuissa
On January 31st to February 2nd, 2023, the 1st-year students of TAMK’s Music Theater program presented the “Broken Telephone” music theater production for 1st to 3rd graders in the Small Hall of Tampere Hall. “Broken Telephone” is a free music theater performance aimed at children, providing thousands of elementary school students in the Pirkanmaa region with a cheerful and thought-provoking music theater experience. The production was produced in collaboration with Tampere Hall, Tampereen Sähkölaitos, and TAMK’s music theater program MUSTE.