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What the duck??!

Sorsaklubi (Duck Club) is the energetic live club event held at the Park Hall. The club offers a lively gigs at a suitably early hour. Our gig offering includes the best of pop, heavy rock and stand up. There is a separate area for serving alcohol at the club events.

So, put one webbed foot in front of the other and join the duck gang – our amazing performers are sure to make you shake your tail feathers!

Tickets available at lippu.fi, Tiketti and Tampere Hall ticket sales.

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22.2. Sorsaklubi: Michael Monroe (S/K18)
27.2. Sorsaklubi: Tubetour 2020 (S)
29.2. Sorsaklubi: Esa Pulliainen Rocks w/ Breathless & Melrose (S/K18)

6.3. Sorsaklubi: Klamydia (S/K18)
13.3. Sorsaklubi: Neljä Ruusua (S/K18)

4.4. Sorsaklubi: Laura Närhi (S/K18)
9.4. Sorsaklubi: GTRTOUR – Douglas Blair, Pepe Ahlqvist, Jartse Tuominen (S/K18)
10.4. Sorsaklubi: The 69 Eyes (S/K18)