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Upcoming events 2021–2022

Updated on 25th Jan 2022


Due to COVID-19 restrictions given by the Regional State Administrative Agency of Western and Inner Finland, all events are cancelled until the 4th of February 2022. We will try to find new dates for the events. Thank you for your patience!

We follow guidelines and safety recommendations given by the authorities so that you can visit us safely. By following the precautions together we can enjoy events and concerts safely. Thank you for your cooperation! Read more about the safety practices and instructions at Tampere Hall.

Some concerts have been postponed or cancelled due to the corona pandemic. Tickets already purchased are valid for the new concert date. If the new date is not suitable for you, if you fall ill or if the concert has been cancelled, ask for a refund or exchange your ticket for a gift voucher at least one day prior to the concert at Tampere Hall group sales at ryhmamyynti@tampere-talo.fi, tel. +358 3 243 4501.


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